Technology comments novel traveling wave reactor breeds fuel situ

technology comments novel traveling wave reactor breeds fuel situ

burning region as it breeds enough fissile fuel to keep the reactor critical for long times. The Traveling Wave Reactor, TWR constitutes a reformulation of the . safeguarded site. solar, wind, battery and nuclear technologies.
A traveling - wave reactor (TWR) is a type of nuclear fission reactor that can convert fertile The concept of a reactor that could breed its own fuel inside the reactor core was initially proposed and . "10 Emerging Technologies of Traveling - Wave Reactor ". "Developer of Novel Reactor Wins $35 Million Infusion".
A Reactor That Burns Depleted Fuel Emerges as a Potential 'Game Changer' a wave of nuclear fission reactions that keeps breeding neutrons as mentioned the project in his comments to last week's 2010 National The traveling wave reactor got another push earlier this month from . Book Review»..

Technology comments novel traveling wave reactor breeds fuel situ expedition

Wall Street's 'Charging Bull' Artist Challenges 'Fearless Girl' Sculpture. Il utiliserait comme combustible de l' uranium naturel , de l' uranium appauvri ou du thorium.

technology comments novel traveling wave reactor breeds fuel situ

Before you open your mouth or your fingers in this caseopen your mind, make sure you understand what is actually happening, and then maybe ask some intelligent questions. I am all for green power, especially the kind that I don't see how this is true, the travelling wave reactor really came from national labs, just as every type of nuclear reactor I can think of PWR, BWR, SFR, gas cooled, etc has begun and tested in some form at a national lab. In each of these cases, very efficient fuel usage and significant reduction of waste volumes are achieved without the need for reprocessing. Have MIT Technology Review delivered to your doorstep, desktop, or tablet? Of course, looking at some of the comments shows the usual problems will abound: twits that know nothing about the science or engineering involved will still show topic traveling with children istanbul strawman demons to scare us into not using the one power source traffic travel information auckland times fits all the greenies' needs. My impression -- and I'm pretty much Joe Average Citizen here -- is that once this thing is lit, you're not going to put it. At other temperatures, the neutron either bounces off, or is absorbed, changing the isotope of that atom. Interested in bringing MIT Technology Review to your local market? We get this stuff in the first place by concentrating it. Breeder reactors produce plutonium as part of the fuel cycle, and once chemically separated, it can be removed and used to technology comments novel traveling wave reactor breeds fuel situ other nuclear reactors. Not just the decomissioning, but the cleanup. Plutonium is formed in the reaction process but undergoes transmutation into other elements and is essentially consumed. Skip to next paragraph. Op-Ed: Fooling Mexican Fans. L'uranium appauvri est un sous-produit de l'industrie de séparation isotopique disponible en quantités importantes. A TWR also accomplishes most of its reprocessing within the reactor core. Blake, "John Gilleland: On the traveling-wave reactor", Nuclear Newspp. Would you be this uncivil to someone in person?

Technology comments novel traveling wave reactor breeds fuel situ going fast

Weapons-proliferation risks are reduced because of the reduction in need for enrichment facilities, long-term isolation of the fuel in the nuclear island between infrequent decadal refueling outages, and the avoidance of reprocessing facilities. For more information, visit the cookies page. These are exactly the questions I have, hsfrey. Ils consomment substantiellement moins d'uranium que les réacteurs à eau pressurisée par unité d'électricité générée grâce à sa combustion de carburant plus élevée, sa meilleure efficacité thermique et la densité plus grande de son combustible. Not just the construction costs, but maintenance. En cas de réutilisation des textes de cette page, voyez comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Perhaps we should talk to them. He's more your speed.

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The Traveling Wave Reactor is a slow breeder reactor. We get this stuff in the first place by concentrating it. This page uses JavaScript to progressively load the article content as a user scrolls. The moderator temperature is critical, as there is only a narrow band of neutron energies that can be absorbed by the fuel and cause fission. Encase the reactor vessel in a few thousand tonnes of reinforced concrete oh, it will be anyway and nobody is going to get at it without a long, drawn out process. What is the end product? A purchasing nation does not need to develop a complex and massive supporting network of facilities to ensure sustainability. Climate Diplomat Announces Resignation.

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Solotravel comments ygau quick question about train travel europe The main delay is moving the paperwork from one bureaucrat's desk to the next, where that one has to decide if approving something new will delay the next raise or promotion. Another is finding alloys for the reactor cylinders that can withstand the heavy damage caused by neutron impacts. Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Débuter sur Wikipédia Aide Communauté Modifications récentes Faire un don. In fact, there was a partial core meltdown at that facility.
Technology comments novel traveling wave reactor breeds fuel situ I know we drop neutron absorbers into current reactors, and they end the chain reaction, and the reactor doesn't over-heat and destroy. Il utiliserait comme combustible de l' uranium naturelde l' uranium appauvri ou du thorium. Hyman Rickover, who oversaw both the Navy's nuclear-propulsion efforts as well as the dawn of the civilian nuclear power industry, cited such sodium-cooled fast-neutron reactors as "expensive to build, complex to operate, susceptible to prolonged shutdown as a result of even minor malfunctions, and difficult and time-consuming to repair. For most trans-uranics, this means that they will someday be non radioactive lead. Accueil Portails thématiques Article au hasard Contact. Leaks in the containment vessel can pollute aquifers and make a lot of real estate uninhabitable.