Southeast asia budget backpacking trip itinerary

southeast asia budget backpacking trip itinerary

A detailed budget itinerary by traveler Jayson Concepcion shows the complete Compared to other backpacking routes, I think ours is more.
Southeast Asia is an amazing region to travel even on a tight budget. . be your entry visa ($45 for the visa itself and the stamping fee), a tour of.
This would give me about six weeks in Southeast Asia and two .. hitting some spots in Thailand that aren't on the 'traditional' backpackers route. Currently, I have over 10 AirAsia flights booked, at a cost of total, for 2!..

Southeast asia budget backpacking trip itinerary traveling

This budget will get you a double room, local meals, transportation by bus and entrance to some of the less popular national parks. Houay Xai — For a border town, Houay Xai is very pleasant and it may be worth hanging around for a day or so to adapt to the chilled out Lao lifestyle and enjoy sitting on the banks of the Mekong or consider visiting the nearby Bokeo Nature Reserve. We are backpacking for four months with less that that amount though. If you would like to see more photos and read more about Hanoi and Halong Bay click here. Hi Marek, I have a question! Now, I was originally intending to do a North Thailand-Myanmar-Laos-Cambodia tour, but I feel like this is kinda ambitious.
southeast asia budget backpacking trip itinerary

The only place I was a little iffy about was Cambodia…mainly because EVERYONE there kept drilling to be safe. They are very cheap and you can fly to basically everywhere in the country from Bangkok. If I make it all the way, I make it all travel france road trips way. How much are buses? Tha Khaek — A small town with a large market selling all sorts of weird stuff including unorthodox dishes like snake and squirrel frogs. So we are young and active and like to be moving.


Southeast asia budget backpacking trip itinerary - tour easy

Me, on the other hand, I chose the most cost efficient option, but turns out it was definitely not the most time efficient. What country are you from. It helps to make friends on the way, lots of free food and places to sleep. It is a noodle based dish with vegetables and seafood drenched in dark soy-oyster based sauce.

southeast asia budget backpacking trip itinerary