Solo travel destination south africa

solo travel destination south africa

Traveling the length of South Africa on your own can be very safe, If you're traveling solo, stick to places where there are lots of people.
Be active or rest and recharge in Africa's top solo travel destinations. Outside of high season you'll find plenty of accommodation options not subject to single.
Deals for solo travellers. Guided holidays are a hassle-free and enjoyable way for you to discover your destination if you're travelling alone. Everything's taken..

Solo travel destination south africa - travel

Biggest suggestion I can make at this stage if you are considering a trip to SA, check with the airlines etc and have the correct travel docs especially when travelling with minors,n they have become very strict on that, especially single parents travelling with minors. I always wanted to go there.. Alone, with a female friend and also with family. Every person and every travel situation is different. Find out more about why taking a guided holiday might be right for you. As a South African and a Brit I was born and grew up there. Also watch out, there tend to be more mosquitos in this area than most. Amapondo is also meant to be a really cool chilled out backpackers to stay at, I've visited but never stayed.
solo travel destination south africa

Solo travel destination south africa - flying fast

From a map it looks like the east part of the city. Let the mighty Victoria Falls take your breath away or fall asleep to the lullaby of reed frogs in the Okavango Delta. Glad you loved our beautiful country. What had held me for such a long time was the idea that it was a difficult country to travel alone, and by public transportation. Maybe you should travel to or live in? Know where not to go Though crime rates are higher in the townships, which are settlements established during apartheid for forced racial segregation, staying safe does not mean staying out of them altogether. Come and visit SA, and see for yourself — you will be welcomed with open arms and will definitely return to SUNNY SA!!

solo travel destination south africa

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