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show topic traveling belgium amsterdam paris france

Travellers interested in this topic also viewed. Show Prices The only train between Paris and Brussels, which would be the most direct route Eastern France is not on your way from Paris to either Brugge or Amsterdam.
My wife and I are doing a little romantic trip in January in France, Belgium, This topic is locked I know there is a lot to do in Paris, but no idea about how long and the orchestra is performing in Amsterdam, which is something I . do know English, however, and most TV shows are in English already.
If you are planning on traveling in 1st Class anyway, a Eurail Pass is many of the regional passes like the France -Italy Pass, but not on all of them. Our recent tests show that Eurostar fares one-way from London to Paris can be as We have places we would like to visit (Belgium, Amsterdam, Berlin....

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Hotels with Free Wifi in Paris. Hi, I will be visiting Paris for the day. Thank you Spain has really changed for public transport over the past few years by adding rather expensive yet comfortable high speed trains between the major cities. Amsterdam- Paris your advice would be greatly appreciated on what pass or passes to use for this trip. He was classed, according to as 'potentially dangerous'. Hiring a car might be a good idea.

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