Tours blog safe travel tips cambodia

tours blog safe travel tips cambodia

Safe Travel Tips | Cambodia and SEA. snatch-thieves. Travelling is an exciting experience. The memories we collect and the stories we create last us a lifetime!.
Travelling to Cambodia and checking out the sights in Siem Reap? Taxis are the best way to get to and from the airport — they are safe to use and not Expect to pay more to go to outlying temples and for sunrise trips.
Considering this was my first solo trip, I suppose I should have planned it like guerrilla war, Cambodia Travel Tip # 1: Buy a local SIM at the airport to stay connected. And it was absolutely safe! .. More Blogs For Offbeat...

Tours blog safe travel tips cambodia -- tour

I am sure your son and his friends will have a great time. I have spoken to many people who travelled through Cambodia, and none felt unsafe at any time. Seems like you have the same sentiment. That probably makes you more aware of your surroundings and your behaviour than a tourist who pops in for a week. I know that I had a particularly bad run of luck when I was there and everything seemed to go wrong, and I would always advise any traveller to go to a country and make their own mind up. I would also add that it is worthwhile paying a little extra and pre-booking a place to stay that has its regular tuk-tuk or taxi-drivers to meet you wherever you arrive. I am a road warrior for work and play — have travelled around the world as a solo traveller and as with friends, family, loved ones. For that reason, I know my opinions on Southeast Asia carry weight.
tours blog safe travel tips cambodia