Tekst pesni travellin remix

tekst pesni travellin remix

[mos def] Here we go yall. Ge ge ge ge ge get down, and get down. Ge ge ge ge ge get down, and get down and its yours. Ge ge ge ge ge get down, and get.
They say live within the moment. Cause there's nothing else but now. But I'm sleepless and it's over. So somebody show me how. I can get back to a feeling.
Cabballero — Hymn (Rave Remix). [Chorus] Yo we travel like the wind across the rotten fruited plain. We travel like the blood that surrounds your brain...

Tekst pesni travellin remix - tour cheap

These fly outta-staters got the paper and I want it. Wipe the tear from her eye, say so long then I fly. Say memories don't live like people.
tekst pesni travellin remix

When you're gone I am longing to see. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Travellin' Man. Atmosphere - Give Me. Then I'm off into limitless space wit swift pace. Memories don't live like people, I have to pack up my bags and leave. Gotta skate, plenty paper to make, here come the plane cuz. Atmosphere - Brief Description. I'M LEAVING, on a big jet. You wake up in tekst pesni travellin remix morn' sayin "must make something". Crossin borders of land, along the sands of time. Kiss my cheek and see me gone. Atmosphere - My Songs.

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  • The more you realize reality the better you are. I'M LEAVING, on a big jet, when I'm gone you get so upset.
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  • John Denver - Leaving on a jet plane. Brooklyn expressway, on the JFK.

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Tekst pesni travellin remix - travel

Sarai - Pack Ya Bags. I'm a Travellin Man, movin through spaces. Fiona Apple - Leaving On A Jet Plane. Then I'm off into limitless space wit swift pace. I came to motivate the masses wit the standard of rhyme. I'm a Travellin Man movin through.