Show topic traveling with deutsche bahn train travel

show topic traveling with deutsche bahn train travel

With the DB Navigator app you can search for train connections and book tickets directly The saver fare finder will show you the cheapest available ticket for.
Photo Gallery · Topics The German verb schwarzfahren means to ride public transport without a ticket (“to A Tageskarte (“day ticket ”) is valid for 24 hours of travel, and will save you money if you plan to make a lot of trips within that time. This detail from a BVG/VBB (Berlin) route map shows both S- and U- Bahn lines.
Answer 1 of 48: According to DB Bahn, we must have the credit card used to purchase tickets at the Watch this Topic . So e.g. ticket price was 49 EUR - saver fare ticket for travelling tomorrow - if you cancel today, you get 34 EUR refunded.

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There is free Wi-Fi on virtually all ICEs, but not on ICs. What's the quickest route to the station? For some more obscure destinations, it sometimes takes calling us to find out what the travel would entail, if you are unable to determine anything from the map and schedule search features on our site. The two other couples who are also travelling that route were each successful in obtaining tickets online. However, the first step is always to contact DB for example by speaking to the conductor on the delayed train, or personnel at the train station. Of course the numbers for local and regional trains are higher as the percentage of renewable energies is lower and more local trains are Diesel types on non-electrified routes. IC Bus saver fare. If you are interested in such a train, then I would recommend checking our site periodically to see when its tickets are made available for purchase or considering a different departure time.

show topic traveling with deutsche bahn train travel

You can check costs and information for this pass by clicking here: Discount tickets for long-distance trains are limited and may be sold out for your initial choice, so try out several departure times. They are valid on only trains but in North Rhine-Westphaliathey are also on certain other means of public transportalthough for long-distance tickets, you may have the option to add on a local transport ticket at your destination for a few euro extra. In fact, this same thing happens if I try a date even closer. Be careful as some German cities, such as Berlin and Hamburg, have more than one main line station.