State travel blogging india

state travel blogging india

I STARTED TRAVEL blogging in India in That makes me one of the old timers. For the first decade, until about travel blogging and.
Travel blogger and travel writer from India. Ended my international travels for the year with a wildlife trip to Victoria state in Australia – think kangaroos, koalas.
She has been travel blogging for 11 years, and has travelled across 20 Indian states and 24 countries. She writes about a variety of subjects..

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Moreover, my parents are most worried about me, and I am just in a dilemma as my job requires me to travel to India. It causes an insatiable desire to wander to far off places, never to stop and the addiction never dwindles.

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  • And two more Philippines and Indonesia are lined up for October and November. I am from Bihar and I am happy you went .
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Thanks for reading, Paul! Fortunately, all she had to do was pay them off before he took her where she needed to be. It is important to wear traditional clothing-the salwaar kameez being the most practical option-and to visit a tailor right after you arrive in the country to have some made up for you.