Solo travel thailand

solo travel thailand

Few months ago I missed my friends going to Thailand and since then I've been thinking - why should I stop myself from going travel solo if I.
From up-close encounters with elephants to majestic beaches, Lo On The Go discovers the best of solo travel in Thailand in this week's women.
Thinking of exploring the quintessential backpacker destination on your own? Here's our guide to solo travel in Thailand...

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Jshep Travel Photography recently posted… Is This The Most Amazing Island in Thailand? Alot of the time, you need to book accommodation way beforehand to avoid last minute expensive place.

solo travel thailand

Also is anyone travelling to this area at this time as it would be good to meet some people in the same shoes! Pingback: Best in Travel: Comfortable Flights, Thailand Solo Travel and Running a Blog WildJunket MagazineWildJunket Magazine. Is it cheap enough and easy enough to book into hotels on a daily basis? Enjoy Copy and paste the url below to share the link. Koh Rong and Rabbit Island in Photos.

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If you're worried about it, why not post on the thorn tree forum about looking for a travel partner, at least for the first few days of your trip? Nails I can probably still deal with, I just want to know if I am going to have my hair burnt off at a huge cost, or if I should just be a brunette again. Were there times I was frustrated? While many travellers decide to skip Bangkok, or only spend a day or two in the city, I like to stay awhile. As you get a little bolder you maye even consider a short trip into Laos or Cambodia - just for the experience. Talk to the natives, meditate or sunbathe in a quiet cove, away from the tourist beach spots. A sarong that I bought for very cheap at a store in Koh Phi Phi cut out the need for a towel on the beach. Gain more confidence to travel solo.

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I had never been to Koh Chang but really wanted to show them a good time. It is a multifaceted city. In Koh Phi Phi the price for both items was marked up for very small bottles.

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