Spell travelling traveling

spell travelling traveling

Discover which of these two spellings is the one used in the United States and which one is preferred by the rest of the world.
traveling American spelling travelling British spelling. You could use either, however if you're going to publish an essay or something it's  Traveling or travelling? Doubling a final consonant.
Traveling and travelling are both present participle forms of the word travel. The differences in spelling have to do with the preference for one versus the other....

Spell travelling traveling -- traveling easy

I was raised and educated in the U. Anybody can ask a question. We first travelled some English miles along the excellent road Tokaido, one of the few highways in Japan passable in carriages. The gang burgled the house The house was burgled Which of these is written in the passive? If so, where will you be traveling?

Maybe versus May Be. How to Do Spell Check In Word. The cat played with the toy The toy was played with Which of these is written in the passive? Examples of usage for traveling:. How to Do Spell Check In Outlook.

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